The Stars of the Show

Legends of 1999-2000

    Amanda Gerstenslager-Senior-She has enjoyed her Senior year away.  Amanda is a member of her church youth group and was in GHS's productions of "Bye Bye Birdie" and "Anything Goes."  She has also been a soloist and member of Freshman  Choir and two year Select Choir member.  The highlight of her week is going to voice lessons.  Amanda had the privilege of being selected for Ohio University's Honor Choir in January.  She is the Vice President of Drama Club and member of a traveling ladies ensemble.  Her goals are to become the best vocalist that she can be with her love for music and singing.  Amanda will be attending Mt. Vernon Nazarene College in the fall where she hopes to be actively involved with all the vocal programs.
    Chelsie Brenneman-Junior-This is Chelsie's first year in Ensemble.  Chelsie was "Nancy" in GHS's production of "Bye Bye Birdie" and had a lead role as "Bonnie" in this year's production of "Anything Goes."  She is a three member of choir, four year Dance Team member and Dance captain for Ensemble.  Chelsie has studied tap and jazz for twelve years and lyrical for three years.
    Tara Burkett-Junior-This is Tara's first year in Ensemble but she had dreamed about being a member of Ensemble since she was eight years old and would come to see her brother perform in Ensemble.  She has been a member of Select Choir since she was a freshman and had the lead role of "Reno Sweeny" in GHS's production of "Anything Goes."  She has been involved in Community Theater since she was 12 and had lead roles in Snoopy, Gypsy, and Aladdin.  She has also performed at the Carousel Dinner Theater in "South Pacific" and "the King and I" and is an Equity Membership Candidate.  Tara takes voice from Ron Hazeltt and has also taken ballet and tap and jazz. Tara plans to major in Musical Theater in college, but her dream is to perform on Broadway in New York. 

    Michelle Yusufi-Senior-Michelle has greatly enjoyed four first year as a member of Ensemble.  SHe appeared on stage as "Juliet" in GHS's production of "Romeo and Juliet" and "Ursula Merkle" in "Bye Bye Birdie" and the "Narrator" in this year's production of "Our Town."  Michelle participates in organizations such as Ski Club, French Club, Girls of Green, and National Honor Society.  She plans to attend Akron University in the fall majoring in International business.  Michelle would like to wish her amazing partner and the rest of Ensemble 2001 the best of luck next year.
    Dawn Rodriguez-Senior-Dawn will be attending Kent State in the fall majoring in Pre-Med and eventually work to graduate school and become a child psychiatrist.  She is highly involved in church activities such as; church choir, children ministries, youth group discipleship classes, softball, volleyball, and soccer.  Dawn also volunteer's at Cuyahoga Falls Psychiatric unit.  This is Dawn's second year in Ensemble, fourth year of FCA, and is also a member of National Honor Society.
    Ileana Hernandez-Junior-She is a first year member of Ensemble.  Ileana has enjoyed this experience of singing and dancing.  Among her past theatrical experiences are leading roles in GHS's productions as "Rosie" in "Bye Bye Birdie" and as "Hope" in "Anything Goes."  She helped bring the stage to life with the rest of the cast.  Ileana is not only active in the musical department, but she is in the top of her class and was recently inducted into National Honor Society.  She is also involved in school organizations such as Vice-President of her class and President of Spanish Club.  Ileana is looking forward to pleasing the audience with this year's spring concert!

    Justin Washburn-Senior-This is Justin's first year as an Ensemble member.  He is strong in his church and sings in Worship Team.  Justin is a four year track letterman, two year football letterman, four year Varsity G member, and seven year choir member.  He was the "Captain" in GHS's production of "Anything Goes" and "Will" in the production of "Oklahoma."  Justin plans on going to Kent State and double majoring in athletic training and secondary education.
    Rob Lott-Senior-Rob is a second year Ensemble Member.  He had lead roles in GHS's productions as "Hugo Peabody" in "Bye Bye Birdie" and "Billy Crocker" in "Anything Goes."  Rob also performed in GHS's productions of "All My Murders," "Romeo and Juliet," and "Our Town."  Rob is also in the GHS marching band as a two year section leader and three squad leader.  He is lead trumpet in Jazz Ensemble-Symphonic band.  Rob will be attending Ohio State University in the fall to major in music.
    Mike Bailey-Senior-This Mike's first year in Ensemble and seventh year in choir.  Mike was also in GHS's last two productions of "Bye Bye Birdie" and "Anything Goes."  He played football for the last two years at GHS and plans to play at Kent State.  Mike also plans to be very successful.

    Brian Pursley-Junior-Brain loves to perform.  You may have seen him as "George Gibbs" in "Our Town," as "Moonface Martin" in "Anything Goes," as "Dr. Brock Kincaid" in "General Valley Hospital," as "Sgt. Toni Maroni" in "All My Murders," or as "Harvey Johnson Sr." in "Bye Bye Birdie."  He is the president of FCA and the secretary of Drama Club.  Brian would like to thank all of Ensemble 2000, his parents, his sister, Mr. Gallagher, Mr. Geiss, and everyone else who has helped him.  he thanks God for his many blessings.  This Brian's first year in Ensemble, and he is looking forward to being in it again next year.
    Justin Speight-Senoir-This GHS Senior has been in choir for every year of his high school career.  He also performed with ETC All American SHow Choir and loves being in Ensemble.  Justin is in Student Council, President of Video Club, and Treasurer for his senior class.  He also works at the Holiday Inn.  Justin is majoring in telecommunications at Kent State University in the fall.  He says he enjoys spending time with friends and family and playing with his nephews.
    Matt Croston-Junior-Matt loves to sing and dance.  He can also be seen working at TGI Fridays, playing tennis, or playing golf on the "State Qualifying" GHS Golf Team.  In his free time he likes to play guitar and spend time with his friends and family.  He is looking forward to his senior year at Green and another year in Ensemble.

The Band
    Delilah Moore-Junior Accompanyist-Delilah plays the piano for this year's Ensemble.  Delilah has taken piano and dance for 11 years.  She just started teaching piano this year.  She also participates regularly in various piano judging competitions as solo and ensemble at the OMTA sponsored ribbon festivals.  She was stage manager for GHS's production of "Bye Bye Birdie" and appeared in "anything Goes" as a featured taper.  Delilah is involved in Select Choir, SADD, Girls of Green, and was in Ski Club.  She is also very involved in her church youth group.   This talented pianist would like to thank her parents for all their love and support, especially her mom for spending all of the hours perfecting her piano skills.  Delilah wants to attend college to major in music.  She loves "Pie in the Sky" at Fridays and want to be a better page turner next year (sorry Jen).
    Jennifer Terwilliger-Junior Accompanyist-This is Jennifer's first year accompanying for Ensemble though she has been playing the piano for over 12 years.  If she's not banging out a tune on the piano, she can be found on the basketball court.  Jennifer is very dedicated to her faith and school work.  She is also involved in SADD, youth group, Girl Scouts, FCA, and a recent inductee of National Honor Society.  She ranks among the top in her class.  After graduation, Jennifer plans on attending college to major in computer animation and advertising.  She accredits her achievements to her piano teacher, Diane Fedorka, and to her parents, Dan and Dara, and would like to thank them for all their support and encouragement.  Jennifer would like everyone to know that she is a better page turner than Delilah will ever be!
    Jesse Rutherford-Junior Bass Guitarist-Jess is a first year Ensemble member.  He enjoys singing and playing guitar for his band, Zen.  Jess is an umpire for little league games.  He dreams of making a cd for Zen and play more often in concert clubs.  Jess plans on attending college to major in music.  Jess is looking forward to performing in Ensemble 2001.
    John Stouffer-Junior Guitarist-John participates in many activities including his band, Zen, ROTC, FCA, and Bandfest '99 & 2000.  This is his first year as an Ensemble member.  John is also on the Honor Roll.  His goals are to make a CD for Zen. play our more often, complete high school and college.
    Chris Denholm-Senior Drummer-Chris is a two year member of Ensemble.  He is also a member of the Concert Band and Marching  Band as section leader.  Chris appeared as "Whitney" in GHS's production of "Anything Goes" and was also in the production of "Romeo and Juliet."  He is on the GHS Varsity Tennis Team.  Chris plans to attend Ohio State University and be in the marching band there.
    Shanna Hall-Senior Sound Technician-Shanna has been the Ensemble sound technician for the last two years.  She is a member of National Honor Society and Girls of Green.  She will be attending college in the fall.